Are you Viewing a Haunted House?

Are you Viewing a Haunted House? Over half of home buyers are willing to purchase a presumably haunted house. As surveyed by Are you one of those special few who are brave enough to live among the “not so alive” crowd.

Here are a few tips to watch out for if you don’t intend to.

Cemetery on the Property

Over 100 Years Old

Quick Transition of Owners

Close Proximity to an Old Battlefield or Indian Burial Ground

Un-explainably LOW asking price

But there are savings at “stake” here you say.

Well yes, some spooky houses can sell for significantly less than comparable abodes.

Actually, 34% of the surveyed would purchase Amityville horror if it were listed at 1-30%

under market value.

But wait, what would scare you out of such a great deal?

75% claimed levitating objects would be enough to make their knees knock

63% say moving objects would make them high tail

63% responded unexpected visitors make for a quick hasta la vista

Have you ever lived in a haunted house?

Feel free to share your story in our comments below. We would love to hear your chilling tale.

Not ready for a ghouling night yet. Here is a link to our “Last Minute Halloween” board on Pinterest to help you out.