Atlantic Beach Skatepark

Atlantic Beach Skatepark Opens

After a year in the works, it is with great pride we share that the Atlantic Beach Skate Park is now open to the public. The construction company was hired in late December 2015 with plans to begin construction February 2016. As slated, construction began.

A Facebook page was set up early in the process to inform the public of the progress to the park. In the beginning stages, the developers even asked for public opinion on ideas for ramps in the park. Allowing the community to get involved with the project giving locals a say in what we wanted to see happen on our Beach.

Being a local, I heard so many times “I wish there was something for kids to do around here.” It’s a trade-off, we get to live on the beach year-round, while those of you in bigger cities have plenty to keep your kids occupied. Skateboarding has always been somewhat of a rebellious sport, with kids being run-off from shopping centers and pretty much anywhere with pavement for as long as I can remember.

But not anymore, the Town of Atlantic Beach and its Mayor, Trace Cooper, have fought to bring this incredible skatepark to the beach and give the beach kids somewhere public where they can be permitted to ride their skateboards without harassment. I’ve spent the last two afternoons at the park and I’m so excited to see this project completed. I just wish that it had happened 20 years ago!

But moving forward the park is free to the public so go check it out. There are certain hours set in place for BMX bikes so be sure to check those times if you are going to skate. Also, wear your gear. It’s for your safety and it’s a law.