Shackleford Banks Ponies

The wild ponies of Shackleford Banks are a historical legacy of The Crystal Coast.  Here are 10 quick facts about our free-roaming pony neighbors:

  1. These wild ponies live on the banks on their own with no human interaction
  2. The number of horses on the island range from 105 to 130 to maintain a healthy population
  3. The horses are descendants of shipwrecked Spanish horses from more than 400 years ago
  4. You will want to keep a safe 50-foot distance from the ponies, roughly the length of a school bus
  5. In order to get the best pictures from this safe distance, you will need a 200x zoom lens
  6. Ponies will dig into underground water sources for fresh water
  7. The herd will divide into roughly 25 separate (groups) and 7 “bachelor” bands
  8. Be prepared to walk the island to find horses since they are located all over as they roam to feed
  9. It is believed that some of the horses are also of Viking sescent.  That is why we have blonde-tufted horses
  10. Dogs with a maximum of 6-foot leashes are welcome on Shackleford Banks